Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 657 @ Café Bistro, Total Madaraka

Dear Swaras,

You think you know someone, and then they turn around and show you parts of themselves you never knew existed. Karen, you did that to us this Saturday! You showed us muddy trails and back routes that you had kept hidden from us all along. Thank you for showing your true colours! See some awesome photo highlights here:

This week’s run – Café Bistro, Total Madaraka

We are running in another urban running hotspot this Saturday from the delightful hidden gem that is Café Bistro, at Total Madaraka. This has been a gathering place for many a running club after Stan Chart/Beyond Zero Half Marathon, and Swaras will be descending upon the place this weekend, so don’t miss out! See details below and register right away (and definitely before Thursday). Full info and link to register in the Starting Line:

Get involved in running your club!

Did you know that the Urban Swaras Running Club is volunteer-led? The CRE (calendar of runs and events) committee and the officials are a group of individuals so passionate about running and the Swaras that they put together the runs and the events that we all enjoy in their free time. But did you also know that YOU can get involved too? if you want to see behind the scenes how a run is put together, and assist in organising one, get in touch! We are also seeking passionate members interested in putting together some snazzy new events later in the year, so reach out if interested! Contact Claire at / Whatsapp +33615209676

Duka La Swara is now closed!

Thank you to all who placed orders for Duka La Swara items. Items are being processed and we will let you know when they are ready for collection. 

Other runs

You absolutely want to click on the Starting Line ( as we have the Swaras’ exclusive Stan Chart signup link, and an unbeatable package for the Great Ethiopian Run!