Urban Swaras Starting Line run 655 @ Dillons Highway Motel, Ngoliba

Dear Swaras, 

We discovered new parts of Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary this week, and a lot of people discovered a new joint to enjoy beers/nyama choma/breakfast off the beaten track, at Forest Breeze Gardens! I hope you’re all making the most of the cool weather to get some longer runs in, and use your Swara hoodies…if you don’t have one yet then keep your eyes open, you’ll have a chance to get your hands on one very, VERY soon! See some photo highlights from Saturday’s run here:

This week’s run – Dillons Hotel, Thika-Garisa Highway, Ngoliba

We are offering you a superb trail this Saturday, on a route scouted by none other than our very own Club Chairman and trail expert, Ajaa Olubayi! This truly is a superb place to run, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Expect off-road, expect hills (gentle hills, not EcoLodge style hills!) and a hearty breakfast at a friendly venue, all in a small town past The busy Thika town. we will be flagging off at the slightly later time of 7.30am, to give everyone time to arrive from Nairobi. Please indicate in the registration form if you are open to giving someone a lift, or would like a lift. By indicating either of these options you consent to your telephone number being shared. Distances vary from 10km to 35km, and will be 95% trail/off-tarmac. Just perfect for a Saturday Swara run, I hear you say 🙂 Find full info and the link to register in this week’s Starting Line:

Get involved in running your club!

Did you know that the Urban Swaras Running Club is volunteer-led? The CRE (calendar of runs and events) committee and the officials are a group of individuals so passionate about running and the Swaras that they put together the runs and the events that we all enjoy in their free time. But did you also know that YOU can get involved too? if you want to see behind the scenes how a run is put together, and assist in organising one, get in touch! We are also seeking passionate members interested in putting together some new events later in the year, so reach out if interested! Contact Claire at / Whatsapp +33615209676