Urban Swaras Starting Line run 624 @ Arboretum

Dear Swaras,

This Saturday we had absolutely perfect running weather for our Ambo Gardens run – cloudy sky, smatterings of drizzle, ending in a gloriously sunny day to enjoy the lovely gardens in the venue’s name! Rumour has it some Swaras didn’t want to leave weeeell after the run was over and done with 😉 A perfect urban run it was, crossing some major roads to find quiet residential areas that many of us never even knew existed. Well done as always to our Trail Fox Benja for marking such splendid trails, and for finishing the year as strongly as he started it! If you would like to show your appreciation to the Trail Fox (Benjamin Chikani) you can send a holiday contribution to the Treasurer and follow up with an SMS saying it’s for the Trail Fox. See some photo highlights from Ambo Gardens in the Starting Line:

This coming Saturday we will be running from Arboretum, for our penultimate run of the year. Please note that for the month of December we will be having town runs only (urban runs). Find full details in the Starting Line:

Just in case you missed it, the mysterious Urban Swaras Newsletter Editor is calling out for articles, thought pieces, photo narratives, and anything else you might have to offer for the next edition of the newsletter! Find their message below.

So here’s the deal: the year is almost over, and we are dying to hear about your running exploits (not necessarily from this year alone).  

  • Did you fall off the wagon? Do tell!
  • Did you recently pick up running? Oooh, this is exciting; please tell us how it’s going.
  • Have you smashed any PBs? Please indulge us. 
  • Do you have any running woes? You know, we are human too, let’s share the sufferation.
  • New Swaras, how was your first run with us?
  • We know runners are a crazy bunch, and no challenge is off-limits. Which ones have you done/are you currently on?
  • We’d also love to hear about international runs in this Covid era. 
  • As always, we adore before and after stories; please send them through.

We would like to hear it all–the good, the bad, the ugly. Look, we don’t discriminate, so any story is welcome. It would be great to hear from you before Christmas through