Urban Swaras Starting Line run 623 @ Ambo Gardens + welcome new committee!

Dear Swaras,

Saturday was a BIG day for the Urban Swaras Running Club. We descended on ?iBury Lounge as the Friday night revelers were leaving, and we had a contingency that stayed until the next morning! What happened in between can be seen on the photo highlights. in the Starting Line (

We had a 10, 15, and 20km run for all (members and guests) followed by a copious breakfast, then the AGM! It took place over more than two hours, with new motions passed, new officials and CRE members voted in, and a celebration with not one but TWO delicious cakes. We then stuck around for lunch and socialising, and the rest is only for those that were in attendance 😉

The new officials and CRE are:

Ajaa Olubayi – Chairman

Loice Mbogo -Trail Queen

Claire Baker – Secretary

Davis Munene – Treasurer


Joshua Cheruiyot

Joseph Masika

Shem Kiptoon

Joseph Masika

Michael Nawari

Ngatia Maina

Vivienne Ayuma

George Rutto

A huge well done to all of them, and to all members who brought the club to new heights in 2021!

On a more personal note, thank you, from me, and from all the CRE and Officials, for your support and confidence in us to run this club that is so important to so many of us. Thank you! Here’s two two great years for the club and for all of us.

This coming Saturday we will be running from Ambo Gardens, in Lavington. Please note that for the month of December we will be having town runs only (urban runs). Find full details in the Starting Line: