Urban Swaras Starting Line run 604 @ Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni

What a great run we had at Fort’s Place, Lower Kabete! I don’t want to give the rest of you FOMO, but really, you missed out 🙂 Don’t make the same mistake this Saturday, as we head to Thayu Farm Hotel! On Saturday we experienced all of Lower Kabete’s hills, and no one was as cold when they finished as when they started. Thankfully the tea was free-flowing so everyone got extra warm with a hearty breakfast! Thanks to all who came, and to our Trail Fox and Trail Queen for another superb trail. Check out some photo highlights in the Starting Line:

This coming Saturday we will be at Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni, where you know that there will be breathtaking trails a-plenty, and selfie moments around every corner (yes Selfie Kinds and Queens, I’m looking at you)!

Details of this Saturday’s run are in the Starting Line and please remember our COVID protocols and safety guidelines are just as important as ever. Looking forward to seeing many of you there! Link to Starting Line:

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