Urban Swaras Starting Line run 596 @ Hunger’s Nest, Langata

Sometimes I think we need to restrain some Swaras, or they go and do superhuman things like running the date every day for a month (Ngatia/The Village), running all the bypasses in less than 10 hours (Cheruiyot), or running every day for 100 days and finishing with a 100km in 1km loops (Peter). But then I remember that ALL of us in our own way are running nuts and we will keep running, having fun, challenging ourselves, and coming up with new ways to #keeprunning. On Saturday it seemed the only thing that could stop people running was the breakfast at Milovian Mbaire’s Gardens, which was lauded for its quality and affordability. I hope you all got your fill after the scenic trail that our Trail Fox laid out for you! See some photo highlights in the Starting Line:

And jokes aside, a huge well done to all who achieved some amazing personal feats this past weekend, you are all superheroes!

This Saturday we’re heading to Hunger’s Nest, in Langata, for a mixed trail of tarmac and trail. Now that we’re back having regular club runs, remember to tell a friend, or bring a friend, and to share your running photos and exploits with us on Facebook/Whatsapp, and share the running love 🙂

Details of this Saturday’s run are in the Starting Line, and please remember our COVID protocols and safety guidelines are just as important as ever. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

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Link to the Starting Line: