Urban Swaras Starting Line RUn 593 @ Run2Gether Training Camp, Longonot

The weekend just gone saw us hitting the mean streets of Lavington, where we had a lovely tarmac-based run that allowed many runners to clock some impressive speeds, and where much-loved member of the club Joe Gatonye celebrated his 5th anniversary as a Swara, back at the venue where he attended his first run! Thanks to all for coming, and for being vigilant with your safety and wellbeing (reflected in the lack of photos from the trail 🙂 ) See the Starting Line for more:

This week we venture further afield and visit some runners who some of us might want to be like ‘when we grow up’. We’re heading to the Run2Gether training camp in Longonot, to run in the rift valley, in the shadow of the famous Mount, with some lite pacers to keep us on our toes! This is a legendary trail, with enough hills to keep Chairman happy, and enough beautiful views to make the paparazzi amongst us jump for joy. There will be breakfast, provided by the club, and prepared by the folks at the camp, and we welcome donations of running gear in good condition, which will be distributed to the runners at the camp, and children and the members of the community that are involved in community outreach activities through the camp.

Speed work Wednesday will be this Wednesday 24th March, from 7am, at Nyayo Stadium. There is no charge for the session, but there is a fee to be paid to Nyayo Stadium of 200ksh for use of the track and (for now, cold) showers. Parking is available on-site. Bring water, wear your Swara t shirt, and bring your energy! The session should last approximately an hour. This is on a trial basis, so all feedback is welcome.

You’ll find in the Starting Line a new Urban Swaras Run Safety Guide, which we have created to encourage every one of us to be aware of our safety, and that of others, when out for Swara runs, or any runs for that matter. Please read through and share any feedback you may have, or ideas for additions.

Link to the Starting Line: