Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 592 @ Ambo Gardens, Lavington

We had a great turnout on Saturday at Acacia, in Karinde. The run was most certainly scenic and challenging. However, it is unfortunate that some Swaras were targeted by senseless attacks; muggings that robbed them of their belongings. Our thoughts go out to them as they come to terms with what happened to them and get back on the trail. Please all look out for yourselves whenever you’re running, and look out for each other. We now advise all runners to steer clear of Karinde and the extreme end of Ngong Road Forest (towards the Southern Bypass) as a precaution.

We also had our first Wednesday morning speedwork session, with members of Team Jasho and Urban Swaras being coached by the legendary Run Beyond coach, Coach Simba.

Get a full recap and some photos in this week’s Starting Line:

This Saturday’s run will be at Ambo Gardens, in Lavington, for an urban run, but as we all know, our Trail Fox knows how to find off-the-beaten-track trails even in the most unlikely of places.

Speed work Wednesday will be this Wednesday 10th March, from 7am, at Nyayo Stadium. There is no charge for the session, but there is a fee to be paid to Nyayo Stadium of 200ksh for use of the track and (for now, cold) showers. Parking is available on-site. Bring water, wear your Swara t shirt, and bring your energy! The session should last approximately an hour. This is on a trial basis, so all feedback is welcome.

Full details of what is to come this week, and upcoming runs from other clubs in the Starting Line: