Urban Swaras Starting Line 3rd May – return of Swara Zoom sessions!

Thank you to everyone who shared photos, videos, and stories of your big runs this week. Seeing others doing great things is a fantastic way to get inspired to go out and do some fun runs yourself. Sadly we didn’t get enough PB entries to do a prize draw this week. Keep your eyes peeled for more challenges. However, this week we’re bringing back Swara online Zoom sessions, and we’re hoping to resume weekly Swara runs as soon as it is legal, safe and responsible to do so.

The Return of Swara Zoom sessions

We’re kicking off with Swara Zoom sessions again, and blowing the starting whistle on this new round of online sessions is none other than Chris Mulera, taking stock of his first year of running, and sharing the enduring lessons he’s learned as he’s fast-tracked himself through the runner’s journey. Join us this Wednesday 5th May at 6.30pm live on Zoom, listen to his story, and ask your burning questions. Full details in the Starting Line:

Be sure to check out the Starting Line because there are some exciting virtual runs you can sign up for as part of the Urban Swaras team, and there’s a VERY special guest speaker at a Nairobi Rotary Club that some of our members are regulars at (honestly, this guest is about as special as it gets. You’ve GOAT to check it out…).

Link to the Starting Line: