Urban Swaras Starting Line 30th November, run 577 @Berra Hotel, Ngong

Fact: Swaras don’t melt. Nor are they scared of slipping, falling, or taking twice as long as normal to do their chosen distance. This was proven at last week’s run at Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni. I’ve never seen so many smiles in a rainstorm!

Despite the downpours which continued until almost lunchtime, almost 50 Swaras showed up in Tigoni to explore the undulating hills and tea plantations. Thanks for bearing with us as we quickly re-marked, and apologies if some of the markings weren’t up to our usual standards, the rainclouds were not on our side 🙂

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This coming week we’re going back to another Swara favourite hangout, Berra Hotel, in Ngong/Kibiko. Once again, don’t expect a flat run, and plan for rain, you never know!

Once again, if you have any lightly used/new shoes or other running gear (leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, running socks) that you are happy to see go to a good home, we are taking donations for the aspiring athletes at Run2Gether camp, and will soon be arranging for handover. Kids’ gear, women’s gear, and men’s gear all welcome! Please bring along to Saturday’s run and they will go to a good home.

We will be pausing our regular online Swara sessions for the rest of the year, but look out for a very special online session coming up soon!

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