Urban Swaras Starting Line 28th December – new year run @Arboretum

I sincerely hope you all had a beautiful holiday celebration, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! Many of us were at Karura Forest on the 26th, bumping into each other on the trails and enjoying some calm nature after a lot of indulging, no doubt.

Find some photos and inspiring Strava art from WIngkei Chan and Sarah Wawa in the Starting Line:

Next Saturday, the 2nd January, for our first run of 2021, we will be meeting at Arboretum, for a new years’ run. We will be both in the park and on the roads outside, so there will be something for everyone. Be sure to join us, and bring along any friend who might have ‘taking up running’ as a new year’s resolution!

On behalf of the Urban Swaras Running Club I wish you all a very happy, prosperous, and fun-running 2021! 

Full run info in the Starting Line: