Urban Swaras Starting Line 27th October – Run 572 @Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

What more would you expect from Kenya Forestry Research Institute than trees, trees, and more trees? As an added bonus, this weekend amongst the fields and forests some little yellow dots could be spotted here and there, which upon closer inspection turned out to be Swaras in their luminous yellow finery! Well done to the ladies that did 42km, some of them in full tutu and sparkle regalia. Check out the photos in the Starting Line:
In other news, a special shoutout to some Swara legends who took it upon themselves to scale Mount Kilimanjaro in a little over 18 hours this weekend. Let’s wish Victor Kamau and Cheruiyot, and their fellow Kili slayers a swift recovery from their gargantuan success!

There will be no online Swara session this week, we will resume next week, as we adapt to a new pattern of coming together online every two weeks instead of every week.

This week’s run will be at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, a location that has gained in popularity during the course of 2020, and it’s about time the Swaras hit those trails as a club! As usual, ensure you are familiar with the Urban Swaras COVID-19 protocol. See the Starting Line for the protocol, sign-up form and full run details as well as some photo highlights from last week’s run: