Urban Swaras Starting Line 14th December Run 579 @ Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

Rumour has it the breakfast at last week’s Swara run was almost as legendary as the trail! For those who missed out, it’s OK, the holiday period is here, which means you won’t be lacking in excuses to feast on fancy foods everywhere you go!

There were many success stories this weekend, with some Swaras at the Ultra Mara thon coming in top 3 (Cheruiyot, Marieke), and a whole team of sparkly sparklers finishing the 50km for a good cause at the same run (Amanda and Liz). We also had runners taking part in runs all over town; as usual Jamhuri Weekend is a highlight in the recreational runners’ calendar. Whatever you were running, however many kilometres, whoever you were running them with, I hope you had fun!

Find all the photo highlights in the Starting Line:

As is tradition, as we close in on the holidays our runs are taking place close to home, so this week’s run is at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary. See below for full details.

Also this week we will be delivering your donations to the team at Run2gether Training Camp, near Naivasha. If you still have items to donate, please reach out to the MC, Claire Baker on Whatsapp +336150209676 or on email to arrange for pick-up tomorrow Tuesday 15th December at the club’s cost.

A reminder, the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 21st December at 7pm, on Zoom. Save the date! Also look out for the Duka La Swara which will soon be opening its doors again!

All info on this week’s run in the Starting Line: