Starting Line run 602 @ The Luke Hotel – Cravers, Thika

What perfect weather for a long run! Much as we may be complaining about the cold, the overcast coolness of Saturday was perfect weather for those who turned up for a Saturday long run. And the venue put on a fantastic breakfast for us to warm us up afterwards! Well done to all who ran, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again this coming Saturday. Check out the Starting Line for some photo highlights:

This Saturday we are heading to The Luke Hotel – Cravers, Thika, a new venue for the Swaras, and a little bit further afield then our recent runs. You are guaranteed to discover trails you have NEVER trodden before!

Details of this Saturday’s run are in the Starting Line, and please remember our COVID protocols and safety guidelines are just as important as ever. Looking forward to seeing many of you there! Be sure to register before end of Thursday. Starting Line:

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