Starting Line Run 591 @Acacia, Karinde

Do you ever hear runners talk about an ‘easy run’, ‘slow run’ or ‘rest day’ that still involves running, and sometimes running that would still prove daunting to the majority of the population? Well, this Saturday’s Spring Valley run was something of the sort. Thinking ‘majority tarmac run’ would prove a respite from the usual hills and toughness of Swara runs, I for one was proven wrong and was honked at by a number of cars for getting in their way as I took up half the road with my lumbering, huffing and puffing. Trust the Trail Fox to still find hills and beauty, wherever we go 🙂 The small number of stickers and t shirts we had remaining have almost been exhausted, but there are still a few (limited sizes available), so reach out to the MC if you’re interested in getting your hands on some. Find some photos from this week in the Starting Line:

This week we’re heading to Acacia, in Karinde (next to Harlem Restaurant), for a fantastic run that certainly won’t disappoint. The trails in this neighbourhood are always a hit, so don’t miss it! We have previously run from other establishments in this same complex, so whilst the specific restaurant is new, the small complex of eateries should be familiar to many of you (tule Fish, The Garage, etc.)

It’s also my great pleasure to announce the return of a newly revamped Swara Speedwork, on a trail basis. We’re teaming up with our friends from Run Beyond and their in-house Coach, Coach Simba (who has trained Kenyan Olympic athletes and was once a resident coach in Iten), to provide a weekly speedwork session for Urban Swaras and also Team Jasho, another great running club in Nairobi (their bright orange t shirts complement our bright yellow ones nicely).

Speed work Wednesday will be this Wednesday 10th March, at Nyayo Stadium. There is no charge for the session, but there is a fee to be paid to Nyayo Stadium of 200ksh for use of the track and (for now, cold) showers. Parking is available on-site. Bring water, wear your Swara t shirt, and bring your energy! The session should last approximately an hour. This is on a trial basis, so all feedback is welcome.

As if that’s not enough, this coming Sunday we have Mary’s birthday run! Some of you may know Mary as a long-time member and supporter of the club, others may not know her yet but all are welcome for her birthday run, on Sunday 14th March. See details below to register and celebrate with her. 

Full details on all of these delectable events in the Starting Line!