Chairman’s Run – My Experience

Magadi run 2016It is said: Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make your own.

Well, yesterday I proved that I have lived long enough. First, I ignored all the tell-tale signs the universe was sending me- my running watch died last week, and I l forgot my music on the table in the house on the morning of the run. I am one of those people with an unhealthy attachment to my watch and my music while running.

An account of the Magadi a.k.a Chairman’s Run 2014

Urban Swaras LogoAs is required for the Chairman’s Run, we were on the road in the wee hours of the morning already having branched off Langata Road before 6. There was drizzle in the air but I thought that was the last we would see of it, imagining a hot and sunny Magadi Road awaited. As sometimes happens we were the first to get there, however I was in no doubt that cars would be streaming in very shortly. Annabel would have made it sooner had she not been driving her Subaru up and down that murram road until she found the place, presumably by seeing other cars at the gate from a distance.

The Magadi Run 2012 Summary

Urban Swaras LogoDate: May 26, 2012

Somewhere in the gated community in Kitisuru, off Kirawa road, Ameet must have woken up at about 5am, taken his power breakfast of cereals and milk and hopped onto his Hammer to pick up Otora in Kangemi and head to Eureka hotel in Kiserian. Otora was at Engen Petrol Station, Waiyaki Way, at 5.30am together with Albert waiting for a ride.  He did not find it necessary to refuel.

My Magadi Experience

Urban Swaras LogoDate: May 26, 2012

We set off at 5.45am. Ameet picked me up and we were all excited to face the challenge. We picked up Mike, a few elites, and Ferrah, only to face an accident where a matatu hit Ameet’s car and ran away(chicken). Ameet saw a Hummer and thought we might have hit the PM. Fortunately we were all safe, and in true Swara spirit, all Swaras stopped to assist in all that they could. I felt bad leaving Ameet to sort out his car when he had been so kind to take a few of us to the Magadi Run. As they say the show must go on, so we had to depart to face the gruesome trail set ahead.