Running Tales

Urban Swaras goes ‘DownUnder’

Dear Swaras,

Unfortunately the time has come I left Kenya and back in Malaysia (and make a final move to Sydney, 1st June).

What a great time I had with Urban Swaras….still remember the day I arrived and right away started to search the Internet for running trails in/near Nairobi to eventually end up the Urban Swaras internet site.

It only took 1 email to Susan to join my ‘new family’ and enjoy the running world of Kenya! Coming from 400m altitude, the first weekend 10km in Karura Forest for 10km was a challenge I have to say….but gave me enough courage to join the team for the Half Marathon in Kilimanjaro 🙂 After that the pace was set….and every Saturday 7am…ready to start the weekend with a 15-20-30km run through another beautiful part of Nairobi!

During my 3 months in Kenya I ran a total of 366km (1x35km, 4x21km, 3x15km, 13x10km, 12x6km) and climbed Kilimanjaro :), definitely a satisfying achievement!

In the meantime have been in contact with Hamish & Sarah (they moved to Sydney in January this year), so hope to continue the Urban Swaras story in Australia….Hamish & I will both run the Sydney Marathon in September!

I would like to thank you all for the joy, friendship and running pleasure during the last 3 months, it was truly a pleasure to be part of the team. Even after 3 months only, it already feels like a longterm friendship. What we have with Urban Swaras is really unique that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world, it’s much more than ‘just’ a runners club, it’s a true family.

Once a Swara always a Swara!