Running Tales

StanChart Nairobi Marathon: What a Day!!

Today was incredible for me, accomplishing my first ever marathon! I’m beside myself with excitement at having entered the famous (or infamous) Club42!!

I’m particularly delighted because I trained for 4:30 and I finished just inside that time – 4:29:27 by my Garmin.

I have special appreciation for the support volunteers and the CRE for organising such fantastic support. I know, for a fact, I would not have made it without your encouragement and ensuring I had fruit and Fanta at intervals.

Finally, Peter Macharia: you were my rock when I finally ran out of physical strength and was too exhausted to summon my own mental reserves. At 39.5km, I ran past Susan, Peter and a couple of other Swaras on route support and I said, “I’m so tired.” Even I didn’t realise it was a cry for help! ???? Peter did and he ran the last 3km with me, leaving me at the stadium entrance with only 200m to the finish. It is thanks to him that I finished strong. On my own, I would have ran-walked that final stretch.

Abdi, Ajaa and other route photographers: every time I happened on any of you with your cameras, I purposed to smile and smiling gave me pep!

Mbarire and Ndinda: you two ladies gave me so much encouragement today and even in the run-up to today! Thank you!

And there are many more “Thank yous” that i have yet to say, to so many of you. As I contemplated today, I realised -and not for the first time- that Swara support begins long before race day. Swaras totally rock!!

Once it all sinks in, I will endeavour to pen a recap of my experience. For now, though, I just wanted to share my excitement and appreciation.

See you all soon! Happy recovery week!! And congratulations to all today’s runners and volunteers!! We got this!