Running Tales

Reactions to the Ilovoto Run

Ilovoto waterfall cartoon1. Rebecca Miller
At 5km:
“I will come back to Kenya just to view this trail again.”

At 15km:
“Where is Otora, I wanna kill him.”

2. Nancy Gakii
“That I have overtaken Chairman is not a good sign. He must know something about this route that I don’t. “

At the 20km split:
“I am going home.”

3. Patron to Otora
“I intend to do 30km”

Otora: “Patron, it is a bit challenging. “

Patron downgraded to 20km and walked the last 6km.


4. Victor Wesonga, returning after one year
“Patron, I will not listen to your advise on this run. The last time I did so, I got injured for a year.”

I thought that I saw him walking up the forest.

5. Macharia Kungu
At the start
“I will do the 40km.”

Downgraded to 35km and at the base of the waterfall, when asked where Raoul was:

“He chose to die, turned right for the 40km.”

On being told by Otora that the shortest route home that he sought is actually the marked trail, 8.5km

“Please inform my people of my death if I die here”, as he slumped to his butt and for a long time could not stand up.

6. Ferrah Etyang
At 14km,
“I need sugar” and I reply, “You have about 25km to go, how much sugar will you need to finish the run?”

500meters later, she bought mandazi and soda.

7. Loise Mbarire
As I was going up the steep bend at about 22km, I saw her, about 50 meters as the crow flies but about more than 1.5km trail wise.
I blow the Swara whistle and she asks,
“Where are you?”,

“Here, keep running.”

“I am dead”, she retorts.

I leave her for dead but she arrived home at 6:22, just 17 minutes after me, alive.

8. Me 
As I climb the steepest hill, three ladies in Mothers Guild uniform ask me where I was from and where I was running to.

I said, “Western Kenya, to Nunguni.”

“Take a short cut”, they advise me.

I said that it is not allowed.

“Then take the main road right turn because it is shorter”, I am advised.

When I turned left following the marks, they screamed in unison,
“woooi!!!, you came here all the way from western Kenya, to die.”

I attempted a smile and trudged on.

9. Me
At about 29km when I was halfway up a punishing 6km hill from the sandy river, an old lady asks me,
“Why are you walking so fast?”

I look at my watch and I was doing 13minutes per km at that time. Totally famished,
I could not spend my last breath and energy to tell her that I was actually running.

10. Raoul
Up the 2km hill to the waterfalls and as I passed him, doing 14mins per k ;

“Men, I have lost control of my legs.”

“Find it”, I replied and passed him.

Then,  as if to console himself and detract his mind from the ritual of pain, he stops,looks down the marvellous country and says,

“This is like my village in Cameroon. “

“Let us first complete this Kenya village run” I tell him.

At the waterfalls, Raoul and I find Otora sadistically smiling and clicking away at his camera and he says,

“5km more to go.”

It turned out to be about 7.5km.

We take pictures and rest for about 5minutes.

“This run is wicked”, he laments as I slowly pull away.

10. Me
On the course I ate three scones, four bananas, and drank two Lucozades and eight bottles of water.

My body got battered and I am down with a fatigue induced flu.