Running Tales

My memories of the Naivasha Relay

( Video courtesy of Herman Hagström)

  • Otora disappearing like a fox into the bushes at the start of his first leg and getting to the end even before any of the cars.
  • Samuel Nyingi finishing 6 1/2 minutes before his next competitor who was in second place (astonishing considering its a relay).
  • Jael only finding out after the relay had well and truly begun that she was one of the captains.
  • Everyone was impressive including Steven Ndichu who in one of his legs clocked an average of 4:14 if i’m not mistaken, having begun conservatively then picked off runners as the K’s wore on.
  • Annabel achieving her best performance over 5k’s for the relay (and we know how fast she always is).
  • Our global superstar James Waliaula winning yet another leg and producing tears from a supporter of another team.
  • Nduku forming a new Swara chant which was infectious and vociferous; Swara, Swara, Swara……….
  • The determination and effort visible on Lucy’s face as she stormed to the finish line during one of the legs.
  • Nduku giving her all, including her singing. Someone swore that she actually 17.
  • James’ captaincy where he was running the final few meters with his team members.
  • Ashok’s normal smile and laughter being replaced by a hungry and determined look as he closed in on one of his legs.
  • Nduku shedding a tear or two when it was becoming apparent that her dear swaras were finally stamping thier authority in the 1st placed position.

Thanks for a great experience everyone.