Running Tales

My Longest 10k Run

Urban Swaras LogoDate: April 5, 2014

Hey, that was a very very tough run….I wasn’t really sure why my legs couldn’t carry me up the hills this time round, considering I managed them with ease the last time round. After setting off to do 20k with Alix, that soon changed to 15k on my part by putting on the real running thinking cap that says “increase mileage minimally”. My running mate was to be Peter, with Tito saying he was following Mercy’s distance/plan; I remember telling him a motorbike was part of my plan 🙂 No sooner after the third set of hills became a challenge did my target distance drop to 10k with lots of walking.

There were many casualties as the hills got steeper, and there was soon a single file of people walking up to the windmills. Two people I must salute who soldiered on up the hills and never stopped running are Ferrah who was in the midst of the batch ahead of me in the single file, and Tito who I ran with for awhile and he surely took the hills in stride. Thumps up to Tito and Ferrah.

Raul; as much as you didn’t see the windmills and just heard the sounds, some of us counted them literally and even got to know they are putting up a further 24 units 🙂 Peter, sound familiar…

I must say it was the longest 10k to go down in history. I believe it took Farah and I 1hr 20+mins and we were amongst the first 10k guys. But ain’t I glad I kept to 10k as I couldn’t have managed to do the 15k that turned out to be 18k. Peter was brave to abandon Farah and I, and take the 15k route. Peter-how was it?

Mutua, thank God for Garmin and such watches, you did 15k as intended and not 18k. What did we do without these watches before??? And what can we do without them now!

Otoro sure does find routes… the path by the institution to get us off near Ngong Police Station was one of a kind. Thanks to Ngong residents who respect runners (Kenyan elite runners making us earn this by osmosis), they literally gave us way by stepping aside on this alley. Farah, Peter and I tried to imagine the alleyway on a muddy day.

A visit to the physio later that evening revealed my muscles were too tight from gym weights to carry myself up the hills, as told by Kariakim.

In summary, all I can say is a rematch is needed. 15/20k next time or is it next year perhaps. Keep running, and enjoy your week.