Running Tales

Copenhagen Marathon 2014

copenhagen marathon 2014Dear Urban Swaras

This week it was one year since I first arrived in Nairobi. A lot of good things have happened and I also started to run more frequently.

Last weekend I did my first Marathon, in Copenhagen. I have tried keep on running 3 times a week since we left Nairobi 2 month ago, but I really wasn’t sure what my long distance status would be like. A 30 km training run 5 weeks a go didn’t get me much self confidence… I decided to try to stick to a 6 min/km tempo all the way through and I did it! I felt really ok all the way through and the last 3 km I was running with a big smile on my face. I cross the line after 4:16:05 (6,04 tempo). Of cause a Kenyan took the title, Julius Kiprono Mutai ( Rael Kimaiyo Jepyator 2:and place)

Thanks Swaras for having me while we was in Nairobi, and for all the nice stories through the mail box. It’s lot of inspiration and it’s not without missing those saturdays with you.

My family is fine and we start to settle down in our new routines with jobbs and a 2 year old boy around.

I wish you great runs in the future.