Running Tales

Another eventful Run

Date: September 24, 2011

This Saturday’s run took place at the A.P Camp in Kibiko.

We assembled at 7.30 with a new member on board, welcome Kimmie. Linda made a rare appearance, we need to see her more often. Avaani, Susan & Mercy; where are you? So on to the run…

Amai & myself were part of the group that did 25 k’s. Minutes ┬áinto our run, we came across a stray dog, who followed us all the way back to Kibiko. Efforts to get it’s email address wer’e unsuccessful though.

On her run, Fran was charged at by a Cow! It had developed an apparent liking for her Red Pants. Upon realising this, she broke into a song and dance. Then, with the help of a Herds- Man, she managed to fend it off.

Surinder also gave us something to talk about. At a point on our route, Surinder was seen approaching from our left. He asked about directions for those doing 20k’s. Looking down and towards him, i saw the 20k’s arrow pointing the opposite direction! You couldn’t make it up!

In all, everyone finished well with compliments about the route.

Have a great week all.