Running Tales

An Account of the KEFRI Run

Urban Swaras LogoLast Saturday took the Swaras to the KEFRI Institute off of the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. The email had specifically mentioned that it was going to be a run that was reletively flat by “swara standards,” something which newbies, one of whom was travelling with Jimmy and I called James, might have been wondering what that meant, although for some reason i’m thinking Swara Runs may already have developed a certain reputation outside Swara circles. For whatever reason, James’ wife had decided overnight against coming.

I had been under the impression that we might have been the first ones there seeing as though we were already there by 6.30 or thereabouts, but as we drove into the parking area, a few other cars were already there. It wasn’t long before as always happens, there was suddenly bumper to bumper movement of cars carrying Swaras to their running venue. That never fails to put a smile on my face.

In attendance amongst others was Raoul, whom I’d bumped into the evening before and who upon being asked whether he would be joining us had shared that he had only recently returned from the States and was jet-lagged and looked tired too. He had been non-committal about joining us the following morning, but alas had made it; great energy and will power Raoul.

As the display of hands went up for who was doing what distance as a safety exercise, it had struck me that we were looking at a rather large group of Swaras who were preparing for a full marathon in the near future; StanChart perhaps? Part of those who were setting for the longer distances was M.K who, Ashok later shared with me, is thinking its now or never as far as doing a full marathon is concerned. Behind you all the way MK. Others also possibly preparing for an upcoming full were Jael, Ajaa, Leif, Ferrah etc.

I had found myself in front as we set off on the opening climb, which by the way Jimmy and i had pointed out to our new Swara sitting in the back as we were driving there, who had not sounded very impressed upon hearing that, perhaps felt cheated even.

Anyway back to the run, perhaps it was the sun in my eyes or the early morning adrenaline but i would find out later on that i had missed an arrow to our right and had continued running straight, inadvertently leading one or two others down the same path. It was only an effective whistle that had checked me as i ran back up to the arrow turning.

The early part of the run for me had been mainly running alongside Village structures as well as village folk, with the usual smiling faces and waving hands of little children all as king how we were. Always a nice experience. I had been wary of tumbling as i run as i had unfortunately done so less than a week ago and was still tender in parts from the fall. A fall that day might have made for gruesome viewing. There was also a forest we ran through which was extemely pleasant and cooling to the body.

The run had ended just as it had begun with a climb to finish under shade. All in all it was a great run. The breakfast too was extremely delectable and great value.

I recommend this run be done at least on an annual basis.

Thank you to the organizers.