Id-ul-Fitr Run

Date: August 31, 2011

What a day and what a run!

Who would have thought that in the middle of the week, when a new month is about to begin, when most of the Urban Swaras (URB) have lots of end month reports to write, that, these Urban Swaras would be able to wake up at the required hour and turn up for the run. But turn up they did. Running is truly addictive and runs deep in the URB blood.

Maggie’s Run on 3 Sept

Date: September 3, 2011

The weather was perfect for a run, not too cold and with the sun struggling to appear on the horizon.

The chosen grounds were also just so right with no traffic as most of the crowd was fast asleep after a lazy free Friday afternoon and a Friday night spent (I’m sure) partying away at least part of the just received monies…

Unlike the 30 + crowd that appeared for the IDD Run this time we had about 10 or so people all looking ready for the run no matter the kilometers.

My Experience of the Mount Kenya Run

Date: September 3, 2011

On a warm Saturday morning, the tough hard-core Swaras set out to challenge one of the toughest runs in Kenya.  We meet at City Square. When I get there, violet is all set for the challenge. Next I see Ajaa, Ferrah and Mulinge who is always laughing and anything he says is always so funny.

We take off by 8.12am. First stop at Blue Post in Thika to view the Chania Falls. That was amazing. Next we fuelled up our tummies with  huge picnic that the cameroonians organised. They had everything sorted from ham, eggs, bread, sausages, ketchup, salad, you name it, they had it all.


Date: September 3, 2011

The Mt. Kenya run is organized annually by the Nairobi Hash House Harriers.

For the Swaras, this run had been in the cards since early July when the Swaras calendar for weekend runs for the period July to early October 2011 was rolled out.  It is one of the more adventurous and difficult runs.  It was my fourth Mt. Kenya run.

The runners who decided to have their debut this year are Avani, Violet, Eugenie, Alix, Ferrah, Mulinge and the indefatigable MK.In the two to three weeks leading up to this run, MK had trained so hard, ever doing the long runs on weekends and sweating it out twice every week in Arboretum.

Tigoni Run

Date: August 20, 2011


MK (MZEE KIJANA) an URBAN SWARA was nicely seated in his sofa was watching a musical program on TV called URBAN HITS on TRACE, enjoying one of his favorite songs by Pitbull and Marc Antony –RAIN OVER ME – when his phone beeped for an incoming ext message. He checked his phone and noted the message was from CHAIRMAN AJAA. MK did not open the message immediately so as to watch the song video uninterrupted as he not only loves Pitbull when he sings and raps with other artists but the dressing, dancing and romancing with all the beautiful chicks around him! Hmmmmmm! Wished he was there in his place as MK being Kijana is not only Kijana in running but also at heart enjoys watching all the chicks dancing around him. Oh boy! Let’s stop fantasizing about Pitbull’s video and get back to work. By the way do not get any funny ideas about MK because remember SWARAS, GOD has given us EARS to listen to anything that is good and sweet and EYES to see and admire beauty!


Date August 13, 2011

Saturday 13 August, 13TH AUGUST? 13TH? Any one having qualm about 13th? MZEE KIJANA was born on 13th! In MZEE’S SIKHISM, all dates and days have no distinction – one day gone and the next one starts – so those Swaras who did not turn up for the run, really missed good one!

Chairman Ajaa had taken time and trouble to set the FOUR distances to accommodate all the categories- 6KM, 13KM, 22KM AND 26KM. His efficiency and to sensitize the SWARAS – had in the morning of Tuesday 9 August, emailed them the routes of these various distances and later, by the evening he had emailed the routes on Google maps! Well done Chairman!


Francesca, Nadine and SurinderDate: August 6, 2011

Early morning MZEE KIJANA looked at the sky and saw sun was trying to force its way through clouds, but realized that the run was in Karen, so rightly the weather was cold. Right weather for long distance runs. Mzee loaded his car with KAROGA STUFF and reached Wahome’s residence at 7.05AM and to his amazement there were about 12 Swaras already parked in his compound! Normally that wouldn’t be the case! Even our respected senior Mutua was there with his official car parked conspicuously for everyone to notice of his arrival. MZEE in his usual manner whilst going around greeting fellow Swaras, came across a very familiar face, and realized it was the RUN-WALK-RUN REZ CREW LASS! This time she was in a navy blue T shirt with Sarova Hotels insignia, blue track trousers and white shoes with visible white socks. She laughed out and told MZEE that she had vowed that this time it would be RUN-RUN-RUN!

Arboretum Run

Date: July 30, 2011

Saturday, 30 July was such a lovely warm day for the run, but what happened to all the regular Swaras? Admittedly, that there was G4S Karura Forest Challenge run, but I am sure not all of the regular Swaras participated in that run! Wahome had sent his apology and so did Nduku.

Mzee Kijana’s Running Adventure in Karen

Date: July 23, 2011

It was cool morning when a group of dedicated Swaras, lead by Wahome, Mutua, and Nduku gathered at the Total Station venue near Hillcrest School. The terrain was set in the beautiful suburbs of Karen area. Wahome was the main trail master. At 7.40 Wahome explained the three routes – 8KM, 12KM AND 22KM – there were no takers for 8KM! And Wahome commented as to why he ever bothered with the short of 8KM! My friend Wahome, SWARAS are hard core runners and all the trail masters should now consider the SHORT BEING MINIMUM 12KM! We were told that the route for all the three distances were marked.

Farewell Run for Kibet

Kevin Kibet Farewall RunDate: July 16, 2011

This run was planned a week earlier on Saturday at Francesca’s residence when we held a post Lewa party. Mutua very kindly agreed to host the run from his residence which was a farewell run for KEVIN KIBET, who is leaving Kenya in about a week’s time.