I wish it was…. But it wasn’t

Date: May 5, 2012

It was the morning of the 5th of May, still drizzling but the sky was clearing up. We were originally meant to meet up in Ngong, but the forces of nature meant a change of location to the equally worthy Arboretum.

Frantic efforts were made to inform the Swaras of this the night before, resulting in good numbers, i thought. Sorry to those who were unaware.

Running with the Stars

Yesterday, 1st of May, I finally managed to shake off the cobwebs on my feet and made my way to the arboretum to join the fraternity. Please be reminded that my last run was Moshi, which if you recall, was a traumatic hilly experience that saw me cross the border back to Kenya quiet, subdued and limping, as opposed to the loud papparazi that I was on the way there. That is now water under the bridge as I have since seen the hand of God in the hands of Kariakim, and my injuries have been harassed back to form. Almost.

Parting Words

Leif Newman, Sweden, August 31, 2017

Dear fellow Swaras,

Just a few words of appreciation. I am now moving back to Sweden. Being a member of the Swaras has been one of the most memorable things during my five years in Kenya. Fantastics runs, wonderful friends and so many adventures.

Thanks to all of you and especially Ajaa and the CRE. Now I will be running in Sweden instead. Hope to see some of you in races in my home country.

All the best, and running is living!


Jorunn Goeransson, Sweden, January 5, 2017

Mt Longonot Crater Run 2012 – The Experience

Mt Longonot: the hike, the run, the walk, the dizzy/nausea & dehydration spells, the photo taking & the picturesque view.

Congratulations to the facilitator of this run/hike – Amai. It was very well organized – in true Urban Swara fashion. But that’s as far as I go in all smiles & a hearty hats off towards Amai. If I thought having Amai organize this run and not Ajaa would mean a gentler, less rigorous trail up the mountain and round the crater then I was highly mistaken. I should have known that they are identical twins & thus expect, hell, high water, sulfur & brimstone, & the works.

Kilimanjaro Marathon 2012

This is Monday, and as promised, follow the link at the bottom to view photos; right from departure on flight TPG something, something, something, piloted by the very interesting pilot Cockar, with whom Ndinda made a good acquaintance (I have no idea how the other flight was piloted); to the various stops on the way to Moshi where at one stop a good number of you disappeared into the bushes in a bid to reduce body weight ahead of the run, and at another some of you went behind the curios and ate and I had no idea people were eating!!! (though I identified myself with the Cameroonian contingent and had very sweet mandazis to show for it)

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Last Saturday run from Ivangara ended with me screaming in the shower. And it is not what you think. Rather, it was the pain of water touching my raw wounds; while still on the first kilometer, right after crossing the road at James Gichuru, and waving thankfully to the driver who stopped to let us cross, I kissed the ground. Practically. I must have tripped on the protruding root of a tree, or something- I may never know. It seemed that everything went in slow motion and the next thing I knew was Avani et al helping me get up from the ground, serious concern written all over their faces.

What really happened in Magadi on Saturday 1st Oct? My side of the story

Date: October 1, 2011

I could not tell which part of my body was most inconvenienced. I could still breath, but those short and heavy gaps were not enough to provide for the most needed oxygen; my muscles were aching and trembling, a big cramp was just around the corner; my feet and toes were on fire making me wonder if I had the correct running shoes. Ahead of me was Kimi, attacking Kona Baridi hill.  At that moment I was thinking loudly “What the $%^&*@ a Cameroonian doing in this road trying to run like a Kenya..?”. The Hummer slowed down besides me; the driver (I did not get his name); who has been nice throughout, yelled “umechoka??” (Are you tired?)  Without giving it a second thought, I opened the door and jumped inside the Hummer; I felt a cramp in my muscle thigh..!

Another eventful Run

Date: September 24, 2011

This Saturday’s run took place at the A.P Camp in Kibiko.

We assembled at 7.30 with a new member on board, welcome Kimmie. Linda made a rare appearance, we need to see her more often. Avaani, Susan & Mercy; where are you? So on to the run…

Amai & myself were part of the group that did 25 k’s. Minutes  into our run, we came across a stray dog, who followed us all the way back to Kibiko. Efforts to get it’s email address wer’e unsuccessful though.