Urban Swaras 7th March @ Spring Valley Oven

Swaras, Swaras,

I don’t know what to say! I’m still floating on top of the clouds (much like the peak of Kili herself most days), after a phenomenal weekend in Moshi for the 2020 Kilimanjaro Marathon!

The atmosphere was electric and I’ve honestly never seen so many smiling faces on such killer hills! We truly did invade Moshi like a yellow plague of locusts, but ones that bring laughter, determination, maiden marathons and killer PBs! Well done to you all, and THANK YOU to all who supported, you’re too many to name, and I’d be afraid to not do each one of you justice 🙂

For those who came to Karura Forest, the running was just as energetic, so thank you for turning up! As always, come rain, shine, or international marathons, there will always be a Swara run!

In this week’s Starting Line we have a shining account from one of our newer members, Sheila, who deserves a huge hats-off for sheer guts! See her account, and some photo highlights from amongst the hundreds of brilliant snapshots in the Starting Line:

See you all next year for Kili 2021!

Next week’s run

This week’s run will be from Spring Valley Oven (home to the best cheesiest bagels and prettiest latte art I’ve found in the city), giving us all a chance to stay close to home, stretch our legs, plan for our next adventures, and share stories! Plenty of new members are interested in joining us after Kilimanjaro, so let’s all welcome any new runners, as they start on their exciting Swara journey 🙂

(Then the next day, Sunday 8th March I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Beyond Zero Half Marathon…let’s support a charitable cause, and a major run on our home turf. The organizers actually invited all recreational running clubs to be a part of the planning process, so we’re excited to see how it goes! See you all there.)

Date: Saturday 7th March

Venue: Spring Valley Oven, Spring Valley

Distance: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30km

Run type: Half trail, half non-trail

Breakfast: breakfast can be taken at your leisure at Spring Valley Oven Restaurant

Google Maps link to the venue:

Directions to the venue: Spring Valley Oven is on Lower Kabete Road, just next to the Total Petrol Station.

Registration: Register here:

Guests: As always, guest fees of 500ksh apply. Please share the following link with anyone interested in joining the club for the first time:

Once again, I can’t stop smiling after that beautiful running weekend; let’s keep that Swara Spirit!

Link to Starting Line: