Urban Swaras 4th April @Duka la Swara!

You would think that with a nationwide curfew, Swara runs suspended, and general pandemonium, running activities would grind to a halt. But then you forget that we’re Swaras. Instead, what we’ve seen is an upsurge in innovative ways to keep running, keep active, and share some precious moments together as a running community, even if only virtually!

Some highlights:

1. Team Wakimbizi pushing themselves to new limits in South C

2. Swaras narrowly missing each other on Southern Bypass, only realising after sharing their routes on the Whatsapp group

3. Avani Patel’s General’s Challenge garnering huge success across the running community

4. The most positive and encouraging week yet on the Whatsapp group.

Let’s keep it up!

And to keep us all motivated, we’re opening a Duka La Swara (Swara shop). No, we’re not selling live animals, but Swara gear! Check out what’s on offer now and place your orders! We will be able to deliver to you (circumstances permitting) within Nairobi. Check it out in the Starting Line:

Duka La Swara

Even if you don’t like our cheeky pun, you’ll LOVE what you can get your hands on now to rock the Swara colours and name…and even your own name! See below for the full range of t-shirt, hoodie, and cap in different colours and sizes. Get one, get several, or get the whole package, just browse below and fill in your order details here. Please note, we cannot guarantee 100% that your size and colour will be available but we will do our best 🙂

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Details on each item in the Starting Line, but you can also get the WHOLE PACKAGE of t-shirt, cap and hoodie in the colours of your choice for 5,000ksh, including your name printed on the back of your t-shrit and hoodie (4,800ksh without personalisation).

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Happy Swara shopping!

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