Urban Swaras 28th December 2019 @ Karura Forest, Limuru Road

The Christmas run happened last week (don’t worry folks, you didn’t miss Christmas, just the Swara Christmas run)! The turnout was huge despite so many being away on holiday, or being too busy knocking back eggnog and nyama choma. Thanks to all who came and got into the festive spirit for the second to last run of the year.

Next week’s run will give the opportunity to combine Karura Forest trails like you never have before. Do the 10km and 5km? Do the 15km and the 10km backwards?? Up to you! Meeting place is at the car park on the Limuru Road entrance, (before you reach the payment gate). Look out for the yellow Swara t shirts, you can’t miss them. Bring cash/m-pesa as forest entry fees apply to all, with different rates for citizens (100ksh), residents (200ksh) and non-residents (600ksh) plus fees for cars if you take your vehicle in. Be aware that no single-use plastic bottles are allowed in the forest (hurrah!) so bring along a refillable bottle, and there will be an opportunity to fill it before you run. If you have a hydration pack, we advise you bring it, ready to hydrate yourself along the way. Link to this week’s Starting Line (the last of the year!) with full details of this week’s run:

Date: Saturday 28th December, 7am

Venue: Karura Forest, Limuru Road entrance car park

Distance: unlimited! 5,10, and 15km trails within the forest, feel free to mix them up and combine them (you can also incorporate the Sigiria side).

Breakfast: Optional, to be taken at your leisure at the Java House down the road with your fellow Swaras.

Google Maps link to the venue:

Check out this week’s Starting Line here, and Happy Holidays to all of you!