Urban Swaras 25th January @The Forest, Kimende, Kereita Forest

It’s fortunate that your MC doesn’t need her legs to type, or this Starting Line would never have seen the light of day…after the hills, hills and more hills on Saturday’s Matasia Loop run from Ngong County Office, my legs are ruing the day they ever came into existence! But boy was it worth it. The scenery was breathtaking, as breathtaking as the hills, and there was a huge crowd of Swaras to tackle them, with some very welcome new runners from Team Jasho in the mix!

Our apologies if anyone didn’t get the level of support they expected, as our Trail Fox and Swara Support vehicle were busy re-marking certain sections that had been washed away by overnight rains. Though we always advise carrying some small change or water/supplies with you if you’re doing a long distance, we also strive to get at least water to every runner on the trail on our Saturday runs. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

We’re on the lookout for Swaras with stories to tell for the upcoming Swara newsletter. We know everyone loves it, now YOU can be a part of it! Reach out to Jerusha with your ideas: 

Next week’s run

Did you know that there is the forest and then there’s The Forest? Well, this Saturday, we’re running from The Forest, the adventure playground for grown-ups set in the dreamy Kereita Forest. This run was first introduced to the Swara calendar last year, and it caused a bit of a stir: the hills are legendary, the grass is as green as a porcelain doll’s eyes, and the effort is rewarded with the greatest sense of satisfaction and one of the best buffet and breakfast selections this side of Limuru!

Date: Saturday 25th January, 7.30am (please note the later starting time to allow travel time, and please allow extra travel time due to ongoing roadworks on Naivasha/Nakuru Highway)

Venue: The Forest, Kimende, Kereita Forest

Distance: 10,15, 20, 30 and 35km.

Run type: almost 100% trail, this is one of the most beautiful Swara runs on the calendar, so bring your trail shoes and your camera

Breakfast: Breakfast, brunch or lunch can be taken at your leisure at the on-site restaurant.

Google Maps link to the venue:

Directions to the venue: BE CAREFUL! Google Maps will try and direct you a different route, so be sure to follow these instructions: follow Naivasha Road towards Nakuru past the Limuru exit and past Uplands, then take a left at the Kimende Total Petrol Station (the turn is just to the left hand side of the petrol station, and then follow signs to The Forest’.

Facilities: plenty of parking, toilets on site, restaurant, many activities to enjoy after the run including zip-lining, archery, mountain biking. Why not make a day of it! All activities at your own cost, check out the website for more details.

Registration: Registration is required, please fill out your details here:

Please pay for entrance using M-Pesa.

Go to M-Pesa, Lipa Na Mpesa, Buy Goods and send Kshs 200 per person to Till Number 912957 Recipient: Kereita Wilderness Ventures.

Important: Save the transaction message for proof of payment.Please pay this in advance to ease the entry logistics process.

Guests: As always, guest fees of 500ksh apply. Please share the following link with anyone interested in joining the club for the first time:

There were so many photos to choose from for this week’s Starting Line, we didn’t know where to start! Check them out in this week’s Starting Line: