Urban Swaras 21st March @Goshen Gardens, Kikuyu

Dear Swaras,

If you’ve heard a rumour that we’re now called the ‘Urban Swaras Hiking Club’, it’s merely based on a few smaaaall hills that Swaras experienced this weekend. Don’t believe me? Well, join us next time 🙂

The Saturday spent at Run2Gether Training camp in Kijabe was truly inspiring, and what an experience it was being paced by friendly, humble and incredibly talented full-time professional and aspiring professional runners. We just did one run there, but they run in the breathtaking surrounds of Mount Longonot almost every day…and you could tell! As we puffed up Boston Hill, at a snail’s pace, they assured us they could glide up with ease. And that is what comes with hard work, dear Swaras!

We were honoured to be given such a welcome, and they also cooked for us, and invited us back any time! Some Swaras left donations of running gear, but we are now starting an ‘elite’ collection drive, to encourage each and every one of you to pull together whatever kit (running shoes, sports bras, caps, hoodies, socks, etc) in good condition, that the runners can use, and also any cash (no donation too big or too small) or other in-kind donations (rice, sugar, tea, flour, beans, sheets, towels, etc) you would like to offer.

We will be taking donations for the rest of the month, so bring whatever you have along to the runs, or send to the Treasurer accompanied by a text confirming that it is for Run2Gether: 0740912116

Full details and photo highlights in this week’s Starting Line:

Next week’s run

Saturday 21st March we’re heading to Goshen Gardens, Kikuyu, to get a reminder of what tarmac looks and feels like…but only a little bit! Expect up to 90% trail, weaving in and out of the forest, paths and roads of this serene end of Kikuyu. Do bring along any donations you have for Run2Gether, we’ll be collecting them this week and next! If in doubt, just bring it along 🙂 .

Date: Saturday 21st March

Venue: Goshen Gardens, Kikuyu

Distance: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30km

Run type: 90% trail

Breakfast: breakfast is served a la carte, at Goshen Gardens, so you pay for what you consume. Typical breakfast fare at reasonable prices will be on offer be sure to stay for a bite!

Google Maps link to the venue (actually link to the PCEA Chruch, the venue is behind the church):

Registration: Registration is required, please register by Thursday 19th March

Guests: As always, guest fees of 500ksh apply. Please share the following link with anyone interested in joining the club for the first time:

Full details, as always, in the Starting Line: