Urban Swaras 19th April @ Happy Easter!

Dear Swaras,

We have come to the last day of the MaskForce campaign, so please, if you have been meaning to donate for 1, 10, or even 100 masks, then now is the time! Details on the poster (please note M-Pesa name is now Samuel Waweru, and not Loise Mbarire. all other details remain the same.

And on behalf of the Urban Swaras Running Club, a Happy Easter to you all! Whether you got eggs, chocolate, a special Zoom call from a family member or a long-lost friend, a Sunday brunch, or a crazy run, we hope you have been having a lovely and special long weekend.

Solo Swara runs have been getting more and more imaginative! We’ve seen plenty an Ultra, some interesting strength workouts, and even some Strava/Garmin artwork, keep it up! Check out the Starting Line for some photographic evidence: