Urban Swaras 11th April @ Maskforce

Dear Swaras, 

This week saw the launch of the exciting MaskForce Campaign, which allows us all to do our bit for the fight against COVID-19 aka Corona Virus, from the comfort of our homes (for those of us who have the option to self-isolate.

Please do get involved. We have already raised almost half of our original goal of 1,000 masks, so help us surpass that and set a new goal! And don’t forget, this is not just for Swaras, so please do share on your Strava, Garmin, or other running app, and with any of your friends and family you want to join you, on Whatsapp Facebook etc.

Find full info on the Starting line:

Duka La Swara

The Duka La Swara will be closing at the END OF TODAY (Monday 6th April) at midnight (no point saying ‘close of business’ as that is now a nonsensical term, business is no time and anytime). Place your orders before then! we will then confirm with our suppliers, and send you a prompt for payment. You should have received a confirmation by Whatsapp, so will receive the prompt in the same way.

The personalization requests are very entertaining, so keep them coming! And so many of you are taking the full package, so we can’t wait to see Nairobi flooded with Swara stash post-COVID!

Full info and pictures in the Starting Line:

Subs and club finances

We will not be collecting Quarter 2 (April-June) subs from members at this time, but will resume collections when runs resume. We would also like to assure all members that the club continues to support the Trail Fox with his full salary during these difficult times.