Saturday 9th October 2019 run @ Karura Forest

This Saturday’s run will be at Karura Forest. The run will take us around the forest, but also out of the grounds into the surrounding environs.


Enter Karura Forest from the Limuru Road gate (entrance A) and pay the entrance fee at the gate. Then proceed by car or foot to the KFEET centre where we will meet.

Google Maps pin here.


10, 15, 20 & 25km.

Breakfast & facilities

Entrance fees apply. A normal car is 100/-, and each citizen is 100/-, resident 200/- and non-resident 600/-. Click here to see the full list of fees. Entry fees are payable by cash or M-Pesa, but not cash.

Breakfast is available but not mandatory from River Café within the forest, or Java House Gigiri.


The run will be flagged off at 0700. Please allow time to register before the run begins. Additional time should be factored in for paying the forest entry fees. There is often a queue.


Confirmations are not required.


Always remember, we DO NOT LITTER because we want to keep the environments we run in clean for ourselves, local residents and the wildlife.

See our Calendar for details of this week’s Thursday Track Session.