Saturday 6th July 2019 run @ PCEA Githungucu Primary School, Ndeiya

This Saturday’s run will be at PCEA Githungucu Primary School, Ndeiya. Run with us along the edge of the Great Rift Valley.


To get to the venue from Nairobi, head west on Waiyaki Way. When you reach the end of the wall dividing the highway, turn left onto the Mai Mahiu road. Proceed for approximately 5km then turn left onto an earth road. Continue for around 4km until you reach Ndeiya market place. The venue is to the left.

Google Maps pin here.


10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35km.

Route description

99% trail.

Breakfast & facilities

Breakfast and facilities will be 500/- per person. Note that this is mandatory as it covers parking, security and use of the venue (but you also get breakfast).


The run will be flagged off at 0700. Please allow time to register before the run begins.


Confirmations are required by Thursday at 1400. Click here to confirm (members and non-members).

Always remember, we DO NOT LITTER because we want to keep the environments we run in clean for ourselves, local residents and the wildlife.