Saturday 10th August 2019: 10th Anniversary Run


This beautiful run will take place at Waterfalls Inn, Tigoni. The run will take us through the famous tea plantations, and the venue is located next to a series of natural waterfalls.

Google Maps pin here.


15, 25, 35 & 45km.


The event will open at 0630 for T-shirt collection. The run will be flagged off at 0730.

Special features

Medals for all runners, acknowledging the distance run. Technical running singlets for all runners. Breakfast and brunch included. Roast mbuzi and DJ into the evening.


Please register online using this form (click here). Make your M-Pesa payment of 3,500/- to 0740 912116 by using the Send Money option in the M-Pesa menu, then input the M-Pesa confirmation number onto the registration form. The M-Pesa confirmation message will give the name Mbarire. Note that a form without an M-Pesa confirmation number will be not be counted. Likewise, an M-Pesa payment without a form completed by the registration deadline will not be counted.

The deadline has been extended to Thursday 8th August 2019.