Alliance Classic Run 2019

This Saturday we are supporting the Alliance Classic Run 2019. Please visit the event website for detailed information. This is a race event, therefore registration is necessary. Medals will be awarded to finishers, and T-shirts issued to participants.


Google Maps pin here.


5, 10, 15 & 20km.

Route description

95% murram road.

Breakfast & facilities

Parking is available at the venue, near to the start line. Water and fruits are provided during the race, and snacks and refreshments are available to purchase after the race. Washrooms are available.


Assembly is at 0630. The start times are as follows: 20km @ 0730, 15km @ 0740, 10km @ 0750, 5km @ 0810.


Confirmations are by way of registration. Please register online here.

Always remember, we DO NOT LITTER because we want to keep the environments we run in clean for ourselves, local residents and the wildlife.