4th August Run @ Mua Hills, Machakos

This Saturday’s run will be hosted by our very own, Diana Nduku one of the ardent runners and supporters of the club, at her farm.

Click here for the location on Google Maps.


On Mombasa Road, go past Mlolongo town, interchange of Namanga road, Devki Steel, Daystar University turn off, Small World Club, Simba cement factory, Lukenya hills and schools turn off and Maanzoni Hotel.

Then take the first tarmac road on the left, about 1km after Maanzoni.

It is called Mua Hills Road. Drive approximately 6km  and just before  Sonko’s home, turn right onto a murram road.  Continue on this road until you get to a T junction at Kivani Market.  Turn Left at the T Junction and drive up  and turn left 150 metres past the Church [St Michael’s Catholic Church]  on to a steep murram road to the Farm.

There will be white chalk marks from the main road leading to the farm.


Picturesque hills and valleys and stunning views of Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos town and the surroundings.


10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40km


Fairly tough, by Swara standards.


Hydrate beforehand, run easy and take the longer distances to enjoy the gruel.

Take (heavy) breakfast and carry a bottle of water or energy drink on the run.

Use this as part of the training for the 5th Annual Mount Kenya Ultra Marathon on 23rd September 2018.


Breakfast will be 400/- and will be collected by the Treasurer before the run.

Start time

0730 to allow for determined but late arrivals.

CONFIRMATIONS ARE REQUIRED by Thursday 2nd August @ 1400.