Magadi Road 23km Run

TerrainHard surface (Tarmac road)
Route typeDifferent start and finish
Difficulty Extreme


The Magadi Road 23km run starts on Magadi Road close to Tinga shopping centre (aka Oltepesi) in the Great Rift valley, and ends at Kona Baridi on the foothills of the Ngong Hills. By starting  the run further down the road towards Magadi, one can vary the distance upwards, depending on his or her mileage goal and level of fitness.

The whole run is a continuous steady climb out of the valley with an incredible elevation gain of over a kilometer (1031m) from start to finish. Aside from the rigors of hill work, the runner has to contend with the extremely hot climate that is characteristic of this part of the country. Some elite runners including the former Marathon World Record holder Paul Tergat have occasionally been spotted on this run, a testament to its difficulty and suitability for Marathon training.

The complete route map and elevation profile are shown below.

Map & Profile

Magadi 23km Run
Courtesy of Leif Newman

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    1. Thank for asking Charles. Since it’s a training run by this Running Club, it’s not done on any fixed date. It is not scheduled on the running calendar up to June this year, but it will definitely be part of the calendar in the period leading to Nairobi Stancart Marathon in September. Keep checking for updates.

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