Maanzoni 16km Run

TerrainTrail through Savannah
Route typeLoop
Difficulty Moderate


Just past Daystar University and Lukenya Hill on Mombasa Road is Maanzoni Lodge, which is surrounded by an expansive wildlife conservancy. The Maanzoni 16km Run meanders through trails within this Conservancy, offering a most unique running experience for the recreational runner. The terrain is typical savannah with low dry-land bushes that afford you unimpeded views of the local game and the nearby hills. In the early morning, you find yourself running alongside large herds of zebras, gazelles and wildebeests, as well as families of elegant giraffes gracefully loping along barely 100m from you … a truly exhilarating sight.

The trail is undulating, with a small hill providing an opportunity for doing some hill training, climbing over 200m to the top. You can get creative by getting off the trail from time to time to get closer to some of the interesting features and plants abounding. You could also stretch the run length if you are up to it. At the end of the run, you then have the option of taking a hot shower, and settling down to a well deserved sumptuous breakfast from the Lodge.

The complete route map and elevation profile are shown below.

Maanzoni Run 16 km
Courtesy of Leif Newman

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    1. Hi Claudia,
      One of my favorites 🙂 We normally run this trail in March (last time was 28th March 2015). The CRE is preparing the calendar for the second half of this year, and have invited suggestions from the membership. If you are on the mailing list, you could suggest it.

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