How I Met Leif

About two years ago, I was in my infancy of running. To me, running in circles at the Jaffery Sports Club was the height of achievement then. Doing about 12 laps which translated to about 10km, used to be the longest distance I could run.

StanChart Nairobi Marathon: What a Day!!

Today was incredible for me, accomplishing my first ever marathon! I’m beside myself with excitement at having entered the famous (or infamous) Club42!!

I’m particularly delighted because I trained for 4:30 and I finished just inside that time – 4:29:27 by my Garmin.

I have special appreciation for the support volunteers and the CRE for organising such fantastic support. I know, for a fact, I would not have made it without your encouragement and ensuring I had fruit and Fanta at intervals.

A Year of Firsts

I was one of the 17 “mad runners” who braved the cold and the rain driving out there for the Ruiru run early on Saturday morning (seriously, I almost turned around at some point sorely tempted to dash back and re-join the rest of my family whom I had left snoozing in their warm beds). It was a very nice run though and I look forward to doing it again hopefully on a drier, sunnier day.

Urban Swaras goes ‘DownUnder’

Dear Swaras,

Unfortunately the time has come I left Kenya and back in Malaysia (and make a final move to Sydney, 1st June).

What a great time I had with Urban Swaras….still remember the day I arrived and right away started to search the Internet for running trails in/near Nairobi to eventually end up the Urban Swaras internet site.

Chicago Conquered

Finally, I get my ticket to Boston crossing the tape in Chicago in 3hrs 6min. It was a perfect day for running and what an awesome crowd!

One year ago I ran my first marathon in Lewa in 3hrs 41min which was a very painful experience; I promised myself I would never run a marathon again. Then I met the Swaras and running became a lifestyle with unlimited possibilities.

As others look forward to the golf course over the weekend, I am always excited about the new trails that the Swaras keep unleashing. Thanks Swaras for everything, couldn’t have done this without your support. Chairman, I owe you big time, no doubt the Flourspar run did the magic for me.

Parting Words

Leif Newman, Sweden, August 31, 2017

Dear fellow Swaras,

Just a few words of appreciation. I am now moving back to Sweden. Being a member of the Swaras has been one of the most memorable things during my five years in Kenya. Fantastics runs, wonderful friends and so many adventures.

Thanks to all of you and especially Ajaa and the CRE. Now I will be running in Sweden instead. Hope to see some of you in races in my home country.

All the best, and running is living!


Jorunn Goeransson, Sweden, January 5, 2017