Running Tales

A Thorn Prick Prior To The Nairobi Marathon 2015

Nduku2 with injuryAlthough it’s been a week after the dust settled from the experiences people had during and after the 2015 Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon. I would like to narrate my story. Three years ago (2012) I sustained an injury while running a full marathon in Moshi. I did not recover until It resulted with a surgery of my Achilles in January 2014, it kept me out of running and especially full marathon for 3 consecutive years except trying here and there to run Half marathons last year in Nairobi Marathon, Kilimanjaro Marathon 2015, First Lady half marathon, Ndakaini Half Marathon in September 2015, and lastly the Mulleys Machakos Half Marathon in Oct 2015. It has not been easy for me watching people training for various races while I sat at home.

Crazy 6 weeks training programme ahead of the Nairobi Marathon

My decision to give full marathon running a try was made when I registered and completed Ndakaini Half marathon. 2 days before the run which was 10th October, I had gone to collect my running gear from Jael. Then we agreed if I run Ndakaini and I do not have any pains then I should go ahead and register for the full marathon. By then it was exactly 6 weeks to the Nairobi Marathon. I thought it was a tall order to run a full marathon while the last time I ran this year was during 1st Lady Half marathon in March. Somehow she convinced me and we drew a quick training program. I personally doubted I could pull it off. I told those who saw me at Ndakaini that I had gone there for mwinjoyo (colloquial for fun run). I got Davis Gitari’s big camera. When people saw me with it they doubted whether I could run with it. I did it and took several photos for both runners and the scenery of Ndakaini water dam. After completing without any pains, I decided the following week to train and register for full marathon. Please do not copy my experience; it was just a trial.

The week after Ndakaini, I went to Ngong and did the Police station to Kahara route with Surinder and Lucy; 26kms. Then on 26th September, we went to the famous Flourspar where I attempted and did 35kms. The week after on 1st October, I returned to Ngong Police Station, this time with James Wahome joining us, and managed to do 30kms towards Corner Baridi and back to the police station. On Sunday 4th October, I ran the Mulleys Half marathon in Machakos with Davis Gitari. On 8thOctober, I ran 18kms by myself, then the following week on 15th October, I had the accident of a thorn prick while in my shamba, just a week to the marathon and 2 days to Brendan’s Run. It was a small thorn, which was removed by my house help. While at Brendan’s house, I met so many new runners I had never run with before. They were familiar faces but I couldn’t remember their names. I was so happy to bond with them. I later learned that quite a number of them had registered to run the full marathon. Of course some of them were running their maiden marathon while others were seeking personal bests like me; I was trying to run and qualify for Boston next year or so. I needed to run sub 4.25hrs for my age category 60-64 years. I ran 16kms with a lot of discomfort/pain; although I finished I was limping after that.

On Sunday October 17th, my leg was swollen and I couldn’t run, so I was given treatment of painkillers and 3days dose of anti-biotic. By Thursday October 21st, I had not improved, so I sought another treatment which was intravenous pain killer and anti-biotic injection. It made me remember those Kids who were given anti-biotic injection treatment at a government facility in Busia, which left 25 of them paralyzed. I cautioned the doctor doing it to be careful not to inject my muscle or nerves. On Saturday October 24th, the story was the same.

The whole week passed and I did not even attempt to run 2kms, and skipped going for the warm up at Jeffery’s where everyone was getting tips on how to tackle the beast, whether it was 21kms or 42kms. That Saturday, I decided to try my last different treatment of pain killers after all others had failed, then I travelled to Nairobi later just to see whether by Sunday morning I would be ok. This is when my miracle started working and I tried to fit in 3 different running shoes, which would be comfortable. After spending the night, then come morning, I woke up at 5am and took breakfast and I was pain free. After breakfast in Upper Hill, I jogged to Nyayo stadium where I found a few Swaras; the rest had gone to their various starting points. We took a photo and off we ran with Samuel Nyingi warming up to the starting point for the full marathon. Some of the Swaras were surprised to see me at the starting point for the full since I had not given out my name for those who were running.

The full started at 7am and off we went. It was one of the best weather conditions I have ever run in during Nairobi marathon in recent times. I ran quite well with Ottoson, whom I admit is a very consistent runner, while seeing Brendan on the other side of loop. In a short while, we met the 21kms runners along Forest Road and I saw most of the Swaras. We chatted and continued. After a few minutes I was overtaken by our own Elite and the most celebrated Swara in long distance running who have achieved so much in short time somewhere along Uhuru Highway to the finish. The rest of 21kms, I did not see them until the end.

At around Boulevard Hotel my leg started paining and I started reminding myself the quotes by Ashok that this is not true, and if it is, let me reach the next Medical Tent at Uhuru Park. I talked to my inner self and I reached the tent. Unfortunately when I stopped and asked for painkillers, they were disorganized. So I thought I can push to the next one. I consulted with my inner self again and I managed to reach the Medical Tent opposite Abdi’s. I stopped there and was treated with painkillers (bruffen). Ottoson had just managed to overtake me while I was at the tent.

Soon after, the men were separated from the boys after the 21kms turn off. The runners became few; that is where the marathon starts going towards Mombasa road for the 1st loop. I met Mugambi just after the start of the Mombasa road loop where he was supporting the Swaras. I asked him whether he could help me to run the 2nd loop after 35kms so that he could push me. He agreed and I started the long stretch to the turning point at General Motors. Before the turn off at the Oil Libya I met our Swaras Support Crew who were doing a fabulous job of re-fuelling; KUDOS. I got my sip for Gatorade mixture and continued.

I met the lead car for the elite runners going to finish while I was at 26kms. I managed to run a steady pace and by now my pain had gone. As I turned after 1st loop, Samuel Nyingi and Otora caught up with me and Nyingi asked me to pray for him to achieve his dream of a sub 3hrs. Although I was running, I promised him I would do so, but wondered when I would remember to say the prayer for someone else while I was in the same situation. Anyway he was running quite fast, followed closely by Otora and Obonyo as they all vanished in the tarmac. On the opposite side after turning, I started seeing the other Swaras who were behind me and those ahead of me like Brian. I ran until at around 30kms mark before turning into my 2nd loop. Mugambi joined me then and ran the remaining 12.1kms to the Stadium.

At Oil Libya, I passed MK doing his 1st loop and now you could see fatigue on most of the runners. I continued with Mugambi and he took all my re-hydration gels and water and carried them until the finish line at the stadium. When we reached GM I saw Brian walking in front of me and I knew something was wrong. I caught up with him, encouraged him, and left Mugambi behind for a while just to ensure all is well and later learned that he said he will manage. After that, I caught up with Brendan who had slowed down, and Ottoson just behind him. The other Swaras were across, Wahome, Loice, Liz, Kanini, Eugene, Marion, Kiptoon trio, the other men Swaras who’s names I don’t know (sorry guys), and of course cheerful Ashok. You won’t believe this man who runs a marathon cheerfully and encourages each of us, while we can hardly talk. I think Ashok has a special gift which we have to explore. Thanks Ashok for showing us the way to talk to our inner self when things are tough.

At Oil Libya, I re-fueled for the final push and at the south C flyover, I met Ndungu who was now struggling with an injury. After 500metres, I met our cheering squad of Avani, Niraj and Ndinda who encouraged me to push to the finish point. At that time, the City Clock read 11.05am (Am waiting for official times). At that point, Mugambi asked me to push and he started clearing people who were just idling at the entry point to the Stadium; thanks Mugambi. I got the final energy to push to the finishing point for 42kms. My garmin read 11.11am, then came down the curtain for me for the 2015 Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon the 13th edition having started it in 2nd edition in 2004.

I went to the medical tent for massage and later had an interview with the People daily. I then collected my medal and proceeded to the deafening cheering squad of the Swaras at Abdi’s place. Thanks Abdi; I met him twice while he was taking shots of almost every one. It’s not easy but he tried. I should also not forget to mention our hero, James Waliaula who finished his half marathon and cycled the 2 loops ensuring that we were well rehydrated and encouraging each one of us. Thanks for pushing me. Lastly to the organizers and the entire crew and each Swara who participated, Jael and Lucy who encouraged and had confidence in me that I could do it. There are those who did not run and came from home just to celebrate with us. To the Physiotherapists (Kariakim and his team & Steve, Collins), they have always ensured we are sorted out before the marathon, we say a big thank you. I tell you we have made a difference in people’s lives through running and supporting charity runs in the country.

Running Tales

First Lady Marathon on 8th March, 2015, the Beyond Zero Campaign

At the first ladys marathon 2015-Nduku with Murkomen I registered for the First Lady’s Half Marathon for Sunday 8th March, a week after running Kilimanjaro Half Marathon 2015. As members of the most well established running club in Nairobi, Lucy, Jael and I decided to try the pace setters balloons which we were not able to use during the Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon 2014. Lucy worked very hard to make sure that we got the balloons on time. I tell you, Swaras are very passionate in doing and accomplishing a mission.

We woke up at 5.20am and prepared ourselves. On our way we passed to collect the balloons which had to be filled with lithium in the morning. We arrived at a certain Lady‘s house along Ngong road at 5.50am and were handed yellow balloons in 10mins. We then went to pick Jael and walked to the stadium. Lucy had to find a way of labeling the balloons with times for pace setting. We managed to get a few people who agreed to have them. We tried to persuade a few Swaras but they felt pressure to run for the 1st time with balloons and trying to run that pace. So we left to the starting assembly point. As we approached, we arrived about the same time with the 1st Lady Hon. Margaret Kenyatta, accompanied by a battery of security, medical personnel (Kariakim), Coach D. Wakiihuri, Elite runners e.g. Catherine Ndereva and Her training mates and P.A.

After a short address by the A.K. Chairman Isaiah Kiplangat and being the Swara paparazzi I managed to get a few photos of the 1st lady at the start line before the gun went off. I spent 5 mins taking photos while many runners ran past me. By the time I started, most people had gone. I got into the business again with Surinder and Francesca nearby. By that time, Jael and Joe had already taken off and I think they were already near the railway. I pushed and by the time I warmed up we were at the Nairobi Area traffic headquarters. After that, we rolled on Mbagathi road and as usual I am good downhill. I cruised until to my greatest surprise in life I caught up with elder son Edwin Mutinda who has never run while holding on one a hand a can of energy drink, and in the other hand a bottle of water, while a packet of embassy cigarette was in his pocket. We ran together until the Madaraka round about and he quit at the 10kms mark to the stadium. I continued running and met Abdi with his twin daughters waiting for us at the Lusaka round about where the girls cheered and encouraged me as the father took photos. At that point I started pushing and knowing that the turning point was at General Motors. I ran past a few people who were now getting tired. At Panari Hotel guess whom I caught with? The Deputy President Hon. William Ruto with his security. This time he was running and walking. I exchanged greetings and took photo of him and left to the turning point, which was marked 15kms, which we doubted according the people who had Garmin watches. Another surprise; I met Senator for Elgeyo Marakwet Hon. Murkomen. I ran with him all the way until the south C fly over which is about 2 kms to the finish; that’s where I left him. I tell you there good MP’s and Senators. Even though they don’t run but I think they do Gym a lot and Kudos to them.

Lastly I met the 1st lady at the Shell station and her team followed by security cars, mobile toilet, ambulance etc and imagines after all these there were quite a number of runners running behind all that up to South C fly over. After all these I came face to face with the 10 kms walkers at the Abdi’s total petrol station where we had mounted our banners for the swaras. At this point you run to the finishing because everyone was all over the road until the finishing line. There was no separation of the 10kms and 21 kms. It was chaotic. A few minutes after I finished Senator Murkomen came and we took photos with him congratulating each other. I remained in the stadium waiting for the arrival of 1st Lady, but after a while the President of the Republic of Kenya arrived to receive the 1st Lady; by this time the finishing clock was reading 3hrs. 25 mins. I managed to take some photos of the President, posted on the link at the end of this article. After that, I left and joined the party at Abdis Petrol Station where we had breakfast and had a chat.

About the balloons for pace setters, a lot of people thought they are just decors; only a few people and elite runners knew what they were. We need to be the club that will be pace setting in the coming marathons in the country. We will approach Nike to help us or train to become proper pace setters. So don’t be embarrassed when we ask you to volunteer. I had gotten a balloon for 2hrs. 20mins but I think I ran below 2hrs.10 mins. Since it was a flat course although that is very wrong. I should have stuck to 2 hrs.20min.

I would like to thank all the Swaras who turned up for the event and even more those who ran Kilimanjaro Marathon, and after a week were on the road again; most of them improved on their time in Moshi eg. Niraj

Here are links to enjoy what I captured for you while you were away.

Running Tales

Return to Kilimanjaro Marathon 2015 after 2years

Urban Swaras LogoI have read a lot of stories about how people tackled the Kilimanjaro marathon and there are still many more people with untold stories about the run. I would like to share with the swaras how I ended up running the half marathon. When I made up my mind, it was on Tuesday 24th February and only 4 days to the marathon, which I had not prepared for. So I was offered a slot by the Fitness+ Running Club, since it may have been difficult to travel with Swaras since I had not made any reservations.

On February 28th, I was picked by the bus at Kitengela and joined Fitness+ Runners totaling about fourteen in number, being captained by David Thuo, a fast runner like our James Waliaula. Two of the runners were going to do the full marathon while the rest were doing half marathon. We started chatting all the way to Moshi, sharing our experiences. And as the saying in our African custom says, whoever does not travel only thinks her/his mother is the best cook. David Thuo ran his first marathon in Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 in a time of 3.36hrs and was going for his 2nd marathon. The team has good runners and they normally run from Heron Court Hotel every Tuesday and Thursday. David completed the Kilimanjaro full marathon in a time of 3 hrs 18 mins while his wife Ann ran half marathon in 2hrs 4 min. The second person in the team to do the full marathon ran it in 3hrs 36 mins.

We arrived at Namanga border and I met other Swaras, Wahome, Loice, Githenya, Jael, Lucy and Mercy. We processed our papers and headed to Arusha where we stopped for lunch. At the hotel, someone was waiting for us with race numbers which had been picked up earlier. So our job was to reach Moshi and prepare for the run.

After checking in at the Hotel Panama in town, I went to hook with the Swaras at the Lutheran Guest House. Everyone was excited and especially the team for full marathon runners. After sharing tea together, Mugambi dropped me in my hotel where I joined my new team of great runners. We had supper and retired to bed early at 10pm. We woke and those who had to take breakfast took, and off the bus drove us to the starting going where it waited until we finished

Immediately I got to stadium, I proceeded to the full marathon start as the paparazzi to take a few photos and wish them well. After a few minutes the gun went off and they started their long journey. Then I left to the starting assembly for the half marathon. We had to wait for the wheel chair race to start and I tell you, I saw pathetic wooden wheel chairs which I doubted would complete the race. After that, the 21 kms gun went off as we stood at the back chatting. We didn’t know the race had started because at the start line there was no public address system to inform the runners. So we just saw people running and joined them. As you start, the course goes up a hill till the 11kms mark, before turning into a downhill. I spent about 5 mins taking photos of the Swaras and Fitness+ Runners teams and at that point I had been passed by over 500 runners. I am so bad at uphill but when I warmed up at 7kms I started overtaking a few runners. I met an old English lady whose age I guessed was over 70years. I ran with her to almost 9 kms where I left her; I must have also seen another aged 70+ in the run as well. I started overtaking a few Swaras and after 11kms, got my momentum of running down hill. I sped like a Swara leaving other runners like Molly, Loice and some of the new runners behind; I don’t know their names.

I finished the race in a time of 2hrs 12mins 52sec; I must have been the happiest Swara doing 21kms, because I had not prepared for the race. There was only one gentleman in my age category who was ahead of me by the name Han – Holland- Age 65 yrs. Time 1hr. 49 mins 04 secs. This means if there were monetary rewards, I would have won in the female category at 61 yrs, proving my prowess in road running that it may be difficult for any woman of my age who can defeat me in East & Central Africa. South Africa not mentioned because it has good runners better than me.

I have looked at the sterling performance for Swaras who were ahead of me and in the female category I was no.3 behind Jael no. 1 and Nancy kinyua no. 2 and overall no. 14 with the men’s results put together.

Running Tales

Ushering in 2015 by Running on Ngong Hills

Nduku starting 2015 on Ngong HillsDay 1 – December 30, 2014

Happy New Year. As it came to the end of the year 2014, I decided to go and run at the Ngong Hills. I had planned to go with Lucy the previous night, but when I woke up at 5.45am from Athi River and started the journey to Nairobi County, I didn’t check my phone. Little did I realize that Lucy had send me a message to inform me she couldn’t make it to Ngong for the run. At that point, I decided to proceed to Ngong and run by myself, after all this is the place that I ran every Saturday from 2005 to 2007 without fail with other Swaras e.g. Wahome, Wanjohi, Loice Mbogo, Nancy Kinyua, Shiku, Mutua, later on joined by Ajaa, Jael, Lucy, Mercy, Nadine and UNEP team etc.

I arrived at new Ngong Police Station which has been renovated. I located the canteen where I left my bag. But guess what, the owner who is of Somali origin was wondering how an old woman of my age and body size would run the hills. He accepted reluctantly, then off I started my lone run at 9am. I made sure I had my road I.D. and my phone. I ran all the way to the picnic site and stopped a few times to take photos. It took me an hour and when I reached there, as I admired the view for both Kedong Valley and the low lands of Nairobi, guess what emerged from the bushes after where you can’t go beyond without the KWS staff. Two buffaloes wanted to cross over to the other side of the forest. One was watching me from a distance of 500M then it crossed and got into the forest. After 20 minutes of rest, I started going down and then immediately I met a group of women carrying rack sack bags like they were coming from mountain climbing. I greeted and asked them where they were coming from. I couldn’t believe when they told me they were coming from overnight prayers in the forest just below where I had spotted the buffaloes. I asked them whether they are never scared of the wild animals and guess what, women are just prayer warriors. At that point I was in a state of shock how one can be that daring to pray overnight with animals. I tell you no man can spend a night there without a gun.

Anyway that’s how I gave them my phone to take a few photos then I ran down to the station which took 30mins. As I came to get back my left luggage, the Somali man commented that I looked tired and shouldn’t run, instead I should just stay at home and not bother to run. I picked my bag, changed my clothes in the open just behind the mabati makeshift houses, and headed for breakfast at our usual cafeteria where I enjoyed tea, madazi and Spanish Omelet for only Ksh120 then left to usher the New Year the following day.

Lucy ushering in 2015 on Ngong HillsDay 2 – New year January 2, 2015

On this day, I met Lucy and off we went back to Ngong Hills to test our running prowess. We started the run at 10am from the Ngong Police Station, and off we went all the way to the picnic site. We stopped a few times because the hill is so steep, and having been used to running around the city, I tell you it takes experience to run hills at high altitude. Those who have run the Ngongathon can bear witness.

It’s so beautiful to run and you will have both the expertise of hill work and speed work coming down the hill. In this regard, I urge all of us to run the hills and experience the beauty of the Kedong Valley and Nairobi City. Kengen, the electric power generation Company, has done a lot of work installing Wind Mills on the Ngong Hills for generating power.

Lastly, this is the place to be in 2015, and experience where some of us got the prowess of running. You can see for yourself and the enjoy the photos.

Ngong Hills New Year run pictures.

Running Tales

The Expedition of Running in Kerio Valley

Kerio Valley runDate: Saturday August 31, 2013

After having seen the scenic photos of the Fluorspar Run, you do not have a complete re-cap story of the run. When we started the journey to Fluorspar, everyone was very excited and full of energy as it tells in the photos. I joined just for sightseeing because i was only going to run 10km only but ended up on a different mission altogether.

We stopped in Nakuru for lunch with Chairman crew team and Wahome’s team. We proceeded and stopped at Mogotio to cross the Equator, which cuts the country into North and South Hemspire. We continued and stopped at Lake Bogoria, the Hot Springs to tour the lake and for Ajaa and Wahome to scout for a future Run there, only to be advised that the park has Lions and Buffaloes and therefore its unsafe to bring a Run there. The rest you can see in the photos, some of us boiling and eating eggs from the Hot Springs from the Lake. The group in the 2nd car couldn’t reach the spring since the path to the springs was wet and treacherous. By that you see Wahome how he managed to reach the Hot Springs. Surinder, Katarina, Munyao and Chairman surrendered and turned back, taking photos of the Flamingoes instead.

The rest of the journey took us to Sego Safari Lodge arriving after 6.30pm where we found most of the other Swaras had arrived. It took Allan and Lillian another 3 hrs (after 9pm) before they arrived since they had gotten lost at Kabarnet. They took a wrong turn and drove on a dusty road close to 60kms. Eventually they did arrive and we had dinner. The chairman briefed the team about the route and I remember Leif, Waliaula and others asking whether the route was tougher than Magadi Run, to which the Chairman replied that its just slightly more difficult. We had to have backup vehicles for the run, so the Chairman requested Monica and I to drive and support the team, although Monica would run later and give the car to Lucy for backup.

Monica and the HummerBoth Lucy and Monica were very excited to drive Ameet’s car, a Hummer. I drove the Chairman’s car and I want to appreciate Ameet and Ajaa for giving out their vehicles. It would have been impossible to run for more than 6 hrs without a support car. Initially we thought it was just like any other normal Saturday run where we only had Bananas and Water, but later it proved to be the most difficult run that i have ever witnessed since i started running way back in 2004.

Breakfast was served at 5.30am and we assembled for the run at 6.30am for drop points. Before dropping i saw Lucy enquiring about the route from the Hotel Manager who didn’t believe what we wanted to attempt and what was awaiting us when we told him we planned to run from Tarmac to Tarmac. I picked up my first group of the tough Runners, Ajaa, Wahome, Leif, Otora, Ferrah, and Loise to the starting point, which was estimated to be about 42 kms. The run started at 7.05am. Monica took the others Like Ameet, Waliaula and Munyao who were doing 35kms. We then went back to pick up the other team members, i.e. Peter doing 30kms, Allan & Lillian 25kms, Suriender, Liz, Pauline, Nancy, Linus, and Christine who had come from the U.S. running for the 1st time doing 20kms, while the rest of the team members doing 15kms were Lucy, Monica, Pamela, Katarina, Anna, Ann and Andreas. I finished dropping at 10am, while the 1st team was at nearly 19kms mark without water. By then the sun was too hot and they were getting mad with me, wondering where i had disappeared. At this point Wahome was shouting at me that Ferrah is dying and they are not interested with the photo shoot out. They took water and bananas and a little while later Ferrah emerged, tired & emaciated, she took up water and banana and off i started chasing the other runners. Monica had already parked her car and started running. I soon caught up with Leif walking at nearly 20kms mark and wondered whether he would finish this run since the hill run was 28kms of hills. A little while later i met Lucy who decided to run downhill after covering 6kms of uphill and we went to pick up the other car, only to find Monica breathless after covering 4kms, so we asked her to get into the car. Every one by this time was running and walking alone except Ann, Anna and Andreas who kept together cos they were walking. Pamela Gordon knew the terrain since she works at the Kerio Valley. She had chosen 15kms and ran her distance very strong.  When i met Lillian, she was asking me for Coca Cola since she was completely worn out. I asked her to get into the car, but she declined; it seems nobody wanted to be seen in the car as having stopped running, so we quickly went to get them energy booster drinks like Coke and Chocolate Sweets which we got and distributed. By the time i went to check on the 42kms team, i found Leif and Loise seated on stones and having given up. They got into the car, then we went to look for Ferrah whom we found seated on the roadside and picked her up. Lucy continued driving and providing services to the other team when he found Munyao who had completed running his distance seated on the roadside having a nap. I was left behind to check on Wahome and Chairman. A few metres ahead, i found them and this time Wahome was running and power walking. He thought loudly, “sometimes you ask yourself why are you doing this to your self?” All this time i was seeing everyone to be crazy, they are just walking alone (see photos). When i caught up with Chairman, he was walking with a painful muscle full. When we asked him this is how it feels when we talk of an injury or any pain, he has never experienced it before, but that day he came face to face with what we go through when we tell him about our injuries. He could neither walk, nor get into the car. You will witness this in two of the photos. We assisted him after sometime to get into the car and that was the end of the run for him, something that does not happen with him.  As for James Waliaula and Otora, at some point nearer to end approximately 5kms to the finish, i found them walking. I salute Pauline as the most improved runner cos even though she was walking, she finished. The chairman and i got out of the car to assist Wahome with the remaining 5kms and by this time Otora came back and we pushed Wahome to the end, Tarmac to Tarmac, 42kms in a time of 6hrs 09mins.

Relaxing at a river crossingAfter finishing and having taken tea at the Kiosk as usual, we embarked on the journey back to the hotel while some people took a Matatu back where we stopped at the river just to dip our tired legs into the water (see photos). We rested and took showers. When dinner came, we sat around a fire place, each one with their favourite kany’uaji (drink) and started postmortem of the run, I was shocked to hear people talking about how the run was great and their experiences because i saw it all, from every one who did it and how they accomplished their distances. For those who have run the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon (56kms) in Cape Town, they will agree with me that the last 10kms looked like the Table Mountains near the finishing point at the University of Cape Town.

To sum it up, it was not a bed of roses, but it’s a beautiful experience and those who have not done it, just look forward when the Chairman announces it next. You have seen the photos. Sorry it’s a long write up, but i hardly write. I may have missed some important comments, but when we meet next time for a get together, we shall revisit the story with everyone there.

My photos of the run

Ann’s photos of the run