Yet Another Reason to Run

Ndichu and Otora at Childrens Home
Otora, Ndichu and Children from the Great Mission Village, Kangemi

There are many reasons why we run. Some are whimsical (to have fun), some serious (to stay fit), some border on the lunatic fridge (because we are crazy), some on the metaphysical realm (because the trail calls to us). Yet one reason has remained a constant of many Swara runs, we run to make a difference in someone else life. In its short existence, the Urban Swaras running club has done many ‘charity’ runs and left a mark on the lives of countless children in Kenya.

We are hoping to maintain this fine tradition with the Mt Kenya Ultra Marathon. Last year we raised Ksh 60,000 from Tshirt sales and the money went towards the Mathira Education Children’s Trust fund. In the process we inspired an annual Mt Kenya half marathon (takes place in March) and several successful running clubs modeled on the Urban Swaras. Not bad for a one day outing.

This year the money from Tshirt sales will go to support the Great Mission Village, a children’s home which is run by our very own Geoffrey Otora. Specifically we hope to support the children who qualified to go to high school and this way keep a promise that some of us made at a meeting we held during MK’s birthday run early this year. Some of you have been involved in supporting this good work in the past in different ways and we encourage you to continue.

For those who may not know that our hard working Trail Fox also moonlights as a modern day Father Teresa, please take a few minutes next time you see Otora to ask him about it. Or do what Ndichu did recently and visit the children at their home in Kangemi (see photo below). I assure you the children’s creativity will leave you impressed. Better yet you can support this cause by buying a Tshirt for only 1500 shillings. For those registering to run the Ultra, this cost is already included.

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