Kibera and Waithaka Children Support

The Urban Swaras club has a personal interest in the Kibera and Waithaka cerebral palsy clinics. The club has over the last two years bought walking and sitting aids for the children, wheel chairs and sponsored two corrective surgeries in Kijabe hospital.

The children are managed and monitored by Nairobi Family Support Services. On 12th December 2012, the Urban Swaras had a run in Kibera which included interacting with a group of parents with children of different disabilities. The Swaras shared Christmas food items for each family and had a hearty breakfast. The interaction gave the Swaras time to understand some of the challenges faced during the up bringing and care of children with various disabilities.

So far six children have benefited with special sitting aids while two children were assisted to undergo a surgery at Kijabe Mission Hospital (Cure International).

The children who received the appliances and the two who underwent surgery have made a lot of difference in their life. Those with special seats are no longer left on the bed on the sofa they can now join other children outside the house. They might not be able to play with the other children but they will be able to see and hear what others are doing thus improve on some social and developmental skills. Those who underwent the surgery also attend the therapeutic clinic as advised.

Beneficiaries and Amounts Spent
Child's NameConditionType of ApplianceAmount Spent (Ksh)
Total Ksh 83,000.00
Rael AkinyiCerebral palsySpecial Seat6,500.00
Kephas OmondiCerebral palsySpecial Seat6,500.00
Steve MwangiCerebral palsyAppliance / Operation14,000.00
Joy MumoSpina bifidaSpecial Seat6,500.00
Paul NjorogePhysical disabilitiesOperation29,000.00
Brian Cerebral palsySpecial Seat6,500.00
Geogiatta MusendaCerebral palsySpecial Seat6,500.00
Nahason OmondiCerebral palsySpecial Seat6,500.00
Transport of appliances1,000.00

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